Tel: +01.716.484.1148
Tel: +01.716.484.1148

Our guiding principles are the foundation to providing a solid return on trust for customers:

1. Quality first.

The 1,000,000th part will be the same quality as the PPAP. That’s our commitment—to consistently deliver craft-precision, turned metal parts and fittings that meet or exceed tolerance.

2. Build value.

We strive to constantly create the smartest production environment possible. We achieve this with industry‐leading process control data, advanced cleaning, optical inspection, and more.

3. Act like an entrepreneur.

We commit to the same spirit of innovation as our clients. We capture opportunities to help them gain competitive advantage, building more value with fewer resources.

4. Solve problems.

We deploy engineering and operator expertise to help clients rethink challenges to achieve their goals, optimizing the relationship among quality, cost, and delivery time.