Tel: +01.716.484.1148
Tel: +01.716.484.1148

Our Story

1891‐1925—Anderson was founded in 1891 as a machine repair company when most Americans traveled by foot or horseback.

Our company expanded to meet marketplace needs and support the war effort during World War I.

1926‐1950—Anderson evolved from machine repair to screw machine production during World War II.

Our company made submarine torpedo guidance shoes and fuses for high explosive and armor piercing rounds during the war and post‐war periods.

1951‐1975—Anderson crafted screw machine parts for timers in washing machines and dryers, sight and trigger housings for sporting arms, and tuning shafts for televisions as the household living standards evolved.

We invested in innovative optical comparator viewers to ensure quality and we deployed IBM’s first computer system for small businesses (IBM System 3) to improve production responsiveness.

1976‐2000—Anderson embraced the growing Just in Time and World Class quality movement and was selected as a national finalist for the Malcolm Baldridge Award.

With the growth of technology and globalization, our company made precision parts for computer printers, video disks and more while expanding in the automotive and heavy truck sectors

2001-Present—Anderson Precision continues to be an industry leader with data‐driven, Advanced Quality Systems that add dramatically greater value to each precision part we make for our clients.

Every day, our team strives to go beyond the part through:

  • Investing in additional equipment capacity to meet a resurging North American automotive market.
  • Adding new 100% Optical Inspection Area.
  • Adding new process control and monitoring software on the plant floor.
  • Achieving TS16949 certification.
  • Investing in state of the art cleaning requirements.
  • Earning business in high-volume automotive applications.
  • Meeting and embracing the challenge of supporting customer efforts to re-shore parts to North America.